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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

From time to time, I like to share a few things that are either inspiring me or products that I have found that brings joy. Supporting small businesses and other creatives is a passion of mine. The list is usually inspired those amazing people.

These are things that inspire and nourish my art practice or just life in general from books to candles, drinks to desserts, art supplies to outdoor adventure gear, home decor to a favorite podcast (there are no ads here... just what I like)



One of our favorite places in Asheville. It is a must have whenever we are in town. Thank goodness they ship their amazing sipping chocolate. It has been a staple in our house whenever we come in from playing in the snow, or when we are curled up reading by the fire.

Order some for yourself. Our favorite is a close call between the Masala Chai and the Dark Chocolate. You're welcome.



Speaking of reading by the fire. I've had my nose burried in "Modern Americana" by Max Humphrey these days. You can also get a good glimpse into his work on insta. We are constantly making or dreaming of making updates to this "little barn in the woods" - one little step at a time to make it truly ours. Next up, the Living Room! His new wallpaper line may actually inspire me to create a few new pattern designs as well.



I met Molly through a course that we took together this fall. Found and Ferral, handmade in Vermont, is jewelry globally inspired and made to make you feel good. With my birthday coming up later this month, I might just be putting this here as a little hint to someone ;) Check out her amazing collection here.



I have this beautiful sketch book lying on my work table looking up at me with blank pages. It's too beautiful, I hate to mess it up. Moglea, notebooks, sketchbooks, planners and notecards are individually hand painted and made in Des Moines, Iowa. Just the colors on the cover are an inspiration!

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