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Spring Inspiration.

My new Spring Collection is now live in the shop and I have to say that was such a fun collection to put together. It's been a long time since I've had a creative burst such as this.

It felt so good - refreshing!

It's funny how things unfold and how inspiration can grab hold of you - photos from a book that you are reading, one of your favorite children's book illustrators, something that your child cuddles with to keep a special someone close to heart.

I love bandanas and handkerchiefs - to tie your hair back, wipe a tear or a little nose, accessorize your favorite outfit. I even have a few of my favorites framed in our mudroom. My Dad always had a handkerchief in his pocket. When he passed, both of my kids took one from his top drawer and they both still sleep with it tucked under their pillows at night. On a snowy day in February, I took a hike with my cousins. I noticed this delicate little hankie sticking out of a back pocket. The vintage flowers and trim immediately caught my attention.

While flipping through "Modern America" by Max Humphrey, the light bulb went off, creating bandana-style prints to frame. I love looking at the design pattern and the simple color pallets. Fitting the elements into geometric shapes was a challenge. It was a bit like doing a puzzle and I loved it! Collecting things from nature. Looking at vintage nature guides. Watching the rabbit that has been hibernating under my porch all winter. The sudden appearance of a little robin on the tree branch wondering as I was, when the snow was going to melt and when would the first flowers would emerge from the ground. These all plaid major roll. When you take the time to look, inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes it slaps you across your face, other times it is a gentle nudge. My creativity was finally coming back to life after a long hibernation.

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